I'm Artem Troinoi, Senior product designer at Copper.co, I design interfaces and create products, help growth businesses and kick-start startups, manage designers and evolve design within companies.


I like to work with complex products. Together with the team I can think over the most complicated trading interface: having thought over thousands of user-cases, design hundreds of interface layouts, unite different fields of knowledge, create design system and pack it into excellent service.

Last 5 years I have been working with Fintech startups and companies. I designed products for retail customers such as: online & mobile bankings for regular savings and for assets, cryptocurrency, fiat and asset exchanges and other. Also created interfaces for professional asset managers such as: trading platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, CRM systems for manage their clients, portfolios, orders and models management systems and other. 


I'm currently based in London, UK.

Experience in UX/UI, Customer experience, UX strategy, Service design, Design leadership. Previously worked with amazing teams and brands like: Yandex, LiveJournal, AIC, MTS Bank, Tinkoff Bank, PrimalBase, Binary Disctrict, Copper and more...

"I always strive to create something new, change the industry, eliminate inefficiency in businesses, create new online fields and improve people's lives."


I'm always open for new interesting and complex projects. Ask my portfolio or drop me a message about your project at tematroinoi@gmail.com

Also you can finde me at twitter or linkedin